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SLEEPERS are our specialty... And we mean supercharged sleepers. Trucks.


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Street legal 500 to 700 to 1000+ HP projects have been documented and dyno proven. Scroll down to the bottom. We don't yet know how much power we make because Mark broke the actual dyno at 1250 RWHP with a 331, a single T-88 and a healthy dose of Nitrous Oxide. In a 5650 lb Supercrew. Running 10s.




What will my car sound and run like with a supercharger or turbocharger? We compiled a few videos for you, since we can't take everyone on a test drive!




Chet's project SuperCruizer, sponsor credits, and copyright information is HERE!







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              Mark's Project-  Love ya brother.

             The 10-second S'CREW!

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Technicians are DEGREED in Automotive Technology, Ford and GM Certified Specialists, and ASE MASTER Certified!

 See our turbocharged Supercrew SPANK A Z-06!



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Neal Minor's Custom, ProCharged 5.0 F-150! This project will be one to watch!

The ProCharger P-1SC-1 just made 600 CHP for a gain of 200 RWHP on this 5.0 F-150, at only 7 PSI of boost!

And tuned conservatively for reliability, it averages 25.5 MPG!



We have built some of the most powerful DYNO PROVEN F-150s in the country!

1000 RWHP! A 5.4L engine, T-88 turbocharger and Nitrous Oxide!


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