Supercharger and turbocharger sound compilations...

The best way to sell a product is to actually demonstrate it's capabilities. We have a national customer base, and have shipped systems from the State of Hawaii to the Country of Turkey. The systems we sell are not cheap so we strive to pass on as much information about our products as we can, so the customer knows what to expect.

Obviously, we can't take ALL potential customers for a test drive.

Therefore, we have searched for and found the best sound compilation videos readily available on the internet and have included them here.

Produced and Copyrighted by Downshift Records 2013 and Trixters Racing LLC 2013.

These video compilations include domestic and imports, however, they specifically use superchargers and turbochargers. All types are mixed in. Generally turbochargers make a higher pitch whine, and superchargers make a more visceral howl. The videos show the awesome power adding capability as well as the Aural and Visceral impressions these systems produce.

So when considering forced induction, this will help prepare you for what to expect from your investment. There is no description delineating the I-4, V-6, or V-8s or the type of system is installed. Also, IF Nitrous Oxide is used, you will not readily notice it in the videos. I will try to dig up some turbocharged V-12s to include because a turbocharged V-12 is music to the ears, and POWER is PHENOMINAL.

Actual results in sound and performance is defined by all engine modifications and vary based on supporting modifications!


F-150 / Expeditions. ProCharged and turbocharged!

This one is our latest shop truck, with a ProCharger D-1SC and 3-core intercooler installed.



Crash's maiden voyage. The test drive TURBOCHARGED. Part throttle prior to tuning to keep it alive.

This video depicts Crash doubling the speed zone, which he no longer does for ANY reason. That is why he lifted the throttle.


Skid and Crash. WIDE OPEN THROTTLE ON I-35! No, we do not break the law anymore...

But this video demonstrates just how quickly Project 02 PULLS AWAY at WOT on the highway. Both trucks were running T-67s. My 4.6, and Mark's 5.4.



Nathan's 140 MPH FLY-BY-

In a Lightning! Factory equipped with an Eaton M-112 supercharger. Slightly modified...



These two videos are Copyright Downshift Records 2013...


Supercharger and turbocharger sound compilations- Part 1.


Supercharger and turbocharger sound compilations- Part 2

We hope you enjoyed the previews of what is to come when you install a supercharger or turbocharger!