That's right, this F-150 SuperCrew is now TURBOCHARGED.

A bit of sales info... Call for details...


HAND fabricated to Mark's specs, this setup is up and running.  Jigs are complete. This means V-8 F150 Turbocharger Systems ARE FOR SALE!

The complete Stage I (Street) kit $5250.

T-67 BASE kit... (We can install a T-76 GTHS to support 1100 HP)!

Best E.T. is 12.65 at 8 PSI on drag radials! Weighing in at a hefty 5650 lbs!

INITIAL DYNO TESTING revealed approximately 388 RWHP and 430 FT/LBS at 8 PSI on the 4.6! At 16 PSI, the 4.6 made 478 RWHP and 543 RW FT/LBS!

Latest dyno testing on the 5.4 at 8 PSI? Stock engine, and no failures yet.

425 HP 535 FT/LBS!

Here you can see the TRICK billet valve covers and the HUGE 67mm Garrett Turbocharger! Options include head units as large as the T-76 GTS!!!

This passenger side image shows the mockup waste gate and electric water pump installed. As you can see, electric pushers are required to make this setup work. In addition, high-flow converters are also required.

Detail shot of the custom headers.

Here you can see the clean intercooler layout. This is the ultimate setup for improved ground clearance and "0" restriction! Can you say BAD.ASS boys and girls?

Special thanks to my partner in crime... Mark Lancaster! This is his baby, IN THE FLESH!