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The first 32-valve ProCharger F-1A POWERED F-150!



New DEPO headlamps turn signal lenses!


The DEPO lenses have a much more agressive look. The perfect touch on this front fascia!!!

REDRUM Runs 9.20s... All day long!

REDRUM kills Crash! A 9.20 vs a 9.60 in the 1/8th!

In my defense, REDRUM runs a 5.4 L and a D-1SC with a 3-core intercooler. Crash's Project 02 (Mine) is running a 4.6 L with a P-1SC and a 2-core intercooler.

Nonetheless, I never mind losing to a customer...

The D-1SC is impressive and sounds WICKED! The helixed impeller really howls!

NOTE: These races took place PRIOR to the installation of the DOHC engine.


The hardware at the heart of Project REDRUM.

The polished D-1SC and the sheetmetal 3-core intercooler!

In the F-150 Online community, REDRUM is the SECOND D-1SC to hit the ground with a 3-core sheet metal intercooler. The intercooler was just released for the F-150 prior to the time of purchase (Almost a decade ago).

We now ALWAYS recommend the 3-core upgrade. At full boost, charge temperature at the throttle body is at ambient. On a 100 degree day in Houston, the charge temperature was right at 100 degrees! Ford engineers consider a 100 degree charge temperature to be optimal... NORMALLY ASPIRATED! We see that efficiency at FULL BOOST!

A 12 PSI pulley is installed on the D-1SC head unit.

The 3-core intercooler system. PRIOR TO POWDER COATING.

This is the completed installation on the original 2-valve 5.4. Plans include a 32-valve Navigator engine and the images of the build will follow.

The complete POWDER COATED installation!!! SWEET!

But more is to come... And aircraft quality parts!

A nice compliment of instruments keep Chris informed.

The custom shifter. All hand build by Chris himself!

 The custom all Aluminum driveshaft. A necessary evil!

Here is the machined Navigator 4-cam block. 4 primary, and cross-bolt mains!

It will be completely forged, and will support 800 HP!

UPDATE- The engine has undergone a complete rebuild! Details on page 2.

Images of the final project are next...