Project 05

Crash's ProCharged 2005 Mustang GT...

Where we started...  My baby, just after delivery and tint!

15 miles on the clock and there goes the detail job... Sometimes ya just have a rainy day! Looks cool with the water beading though.

In this image, you can see the Grille Pony blackout.

The mufflers were AXED altogether, and resonators were added. The result is a deep rumble, but not obnoxious. Not much louder that stock under WOT.

We shaved FAKE fuel filler to clean up the trunk lid, and added these emblems... Now all the stock GTs I see look strange...

 Notice the subtle shot of the takedown light.


YES, it is freakin' FAST!

The POWERplant... Ford's latest engine controls... 3-valve variable cam timing...

A 4.6 L and a 5-speed... And a ProCharger P-1SC-1...

The completed ProCharger P1SC-1 installation!

The ProCharger is now installed, and the injectors and tuning is complete. The image above shows the Stage II P1-SC-1 system. ProCharger sent a polished compressor although I did NOT order it! Sweet! The RACE intake is used, and air enters STRAIGHT into the blower inlet as seen above. A Carbon Fiber heat extractor will be installed directly over the air filter, and a sealed cold air box will be built.

Ted completes his ProCharger installation!!!

See the video of the installed ProCharger install on an 05 Mustang GT. Video COPYRIGHT TED VIALIS. You can hear what it sounds like... A pretty cool video!  In addition, we built a feature site on Ted's project, just click here... Project Lost Soul !

Thanks TED!

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The air filter will be surrounded by a Carbon Fiber cold air box, mated with this Carbon Fiber heat extractor...

I will keep the CF finish to accent the Black paint. It will be mounted Asymmetrically (Driver side rear of the hood). A tint COULD be added to the final clear coat so you can see the weave pattern under the paint. If offers a very trick look and is very subtle. This one mod will be the solution to a very important problem...

It will feed the air filter nice, cool, outside ambient air! We believe it will be worth about 40 HP, and with the filter setup and sealed cold air box we have in mind, maybe pick up another 1-2 PSI (Collectively).

Find details on the POLICE INTERCEPTOR version of this car HERE!