PROJECT Silver Son!!

A Whipple-charged F-250 V-10!

It is a bad boy...

 This is our latest project. It is an extended-cab F-250 running the 6.8 l V10 engine.

This truck in full trim has run a best of 16.1 in the 1/4 mile. We dropped that E.T....... by a FULL two seconds.

The idea was more power. 600 FT/LBS of torque to be exact 700 FT/LBS will be the ultimate goal. Because this kit is not intercooled, we installed a Water/Methanol injection system to cool the intake charge. Results are awesome.

We now have air to air intercoolers available for this unit, which means you will see the 600 FT/LBS advertised by Whipple. We have them available, however, Whipple NEVER intends to add an intercooler to their kit.

The side view, note details... Flames everywhere!

The view most will see on the highway...

Here you see the completed installation of the Whipple SCREW type supercharger. Installation images will be posted soon, including details of the water injection, Mezier ELECTRIC water pump and the Water/Methanol injection system.

Initial driving impressions are wicked. This thing runs like a Lightning!!!

11/22/03 Installation or 2/4 Drop completed. Traction bar install also complete.

More to come, including dyno results as well as E.T.s