Project '00 

BLOWN 4.6L 5-speed.

As we began testing the '98, we learned the Magnacharger, specifically when combined with a 4.6L and 5-speed manual transmission, produced a very potent combination.  

While converting Project 2000, we will refine this platform.

We gave the '98 an aggressive look. It was subtle, but it was aggressive nonetheless. We then decided change direction. We wanted the ultimate sleeper. Project 2000 will maintain a stock look, save a few functional appearance items. We will replace the chrome grille with white, and will most likely install a soft, flush tonneau.

We chose the XL trim package, although you will still not find any carpet inside. We went from a 3.08 rear gear to the 3.55 LS, a Class III towing package was added, and we dropped the rear-end 2". The gear ratio change and the drop made tremendous improvements to traction and acceleration

Dyno testing revealed this truck produced a maximum of 180.9 hp and 259.6 ft/lbs of torque at the rear wheels, as equipped from the factory. Once the engine was broken in (2000 miles), the Magnacharger and gauges were installed. Figures with the blower are coming soon. We are currently in the testing and evaluation stages, however, we have drag strip results with the blower installed and no other modifications. Leaving at IDLE, the truck ran a 14.6 @ 90 mph on a 1/4 mile drag strip. Since, we have pinpointed and removed intake duct restrictions and installed a K&N air filter. The goal is to hit 13.99 with stock exhaust and throttle body. 

Next time out, I intend to LAUNCH IT !!!  



Here is what it looked like the day we took delivery.


The GO-FAST goodies!

Here is the Magnacharger assembly installed, at 2000 miles. This unit is almost completely concealed once the installation is complete.


Here is the completed install, with throttle body cover removed. The compressor (EATON M90) mounts where the intake plenum and alternator were located. Aside from the alternator, each factory component mounts in the stock  location. The cover hides most of the upper intake manifold. You can see the compressor drive at the bottom of this image.

We were able to tune this combination to a best E.T. of 14.2 @ 90 MPH.

After much research and testing (that's not really true, I (GOT SPANKED by a Procharger), we decided to open an account with ATI, and we now offer the Procharger centrifugal compressors. The P-1SC is the unit of choice for the street and the D-1SC for the strip on the F-150. With a MAX boost level of 30 PSI, we decided to go all out. We went with a full race exhaust system by Flowmaster, and installed the ATI Procharger. Below is a detail of the new compressor. Although we have maintained a stock LOOK, once the engine is fired up, you will perceive a whine similar to a jet engine. When we mash the "LOUD PEDAL", this truck makes a sound somewhere between the aural and the visceral. If you could imagine the sound of a 747 and a freight-train combined, that is what it now sounds like. Out of the box (with NO tuning or Superchip), we dropped 3 tenths of a second, and gained 5 MPH in the 1/4 mile E.T.



Appearance items...

We have found there are many new and very trick components that are now available for the F-150.   During the conversion, we will be installing appearance and other upgrades as we progress.  We have already begun installing some of these upgrades as you will see below.  All parts seen here are available, and will be expanding our product line as our project progresses.

Here you will see we have replaced factory bulbs with LEDs.  The 3rd Brake light is subtle and it performs tremendously well.  It is extremely bright and brilliant !



Next we will add LED front marker lights and a Lightning grille.  We intend to use factory parts whenever possible, thus keeping a factory look. As you can see these lighting upgrades are very trick, but subtle.



The crash...

Unfortunately, we now have an opinion (or a first hand experience with) on the frontal crash ratings of the F-150. After a tractor-trailer failed to yield, the driver blocked both lanes of traffic, including the median. An ABS stop allowed me to maintain control of the truck, and I attempted to drive into the median. The SEMI was moving much too slowly for me to have a clear path, and I hit the right rear axle set of his trailer head on at approximately 55-60 MPH. A combination of the structural integrity of the F-150 and air bags saved my life. Although we never had the chance to tune and maximize the ATI, I am grateful to be alive. 

Project 2002 is now underway.

Thank you all for your prayers... You know who you are!