Sal at Power Surge Performance, in association with... Trixter's Racing

Brings you... "FORCE OF NATURE" !!!

"FORCE OF NATURE" Eaton and ProCharger... It's here.

After the ProCharger we hit 700/700. . Spec'd for 30 PSI, we have pushed his engine to 18-22 PSI with the ProCharger F-1R, thus far.

Sal on his way to another LOW 10 second pass!

The ProCharger 3-core RACE intercooler... Look at the size and the 4" tubing! We have converted to a BLOW THROUGH MAF setup.

Final mockup on the ProCharger F-1R...

The finished ProCharger installation, save the belt. We blocked the OEM Lightning inlet and used it to mount EEC components. This Eaton setup is a shell and provides plenty of intake volume. A REQUIREMENT with this big a ProCharger. Notice the large manifolds on the 3-core RACE intercooler.


Initial dyno testing reveled this systems capability. Tuning is still underway, and no Nitrous Oxide has been used yet.

Images of the graphs will come soon.

700/820 at the wheels BOOST ONLY!