Got boost? YUP, on a 4.2!


This is one of three turbocharged 4.2 L F-150s we have contributed to... Project Pioneer, Project Blow Job, and now Project Orange Crush! (Project Pioneer uses the system STS created... (, these other two are completely custom, and hand fabricated. On this particular project, we started with a Master Power 62-1 turbocharger, and Robert Radatz (Owner) is hand fabricating the turbocharger tubing! We will post progress on this project here.

A body man by trade, Rob's experience is evident by the excellent quality body work and custom Orange Candy paint! This theme is carried over into the interior as well!

VERY TRICK TO SAY THE LEAST! I love the relocated A/C controls!

Here is a shot of the turbocharger and intercooler...

This project uses a very efficient 3-core air to air intercooler. Then Nitrous Oxide N-Tercooler fogger (The tubing hoops mounted on the intercooler itself) Refrigerates the charge air entering the throttle body! The 3-core intercooler brings charge temperature down to ambient temperature, and then the Nitrous Oxide drops charge temperature even further. We speculate the charge temps would drop 30-50 degrees lower than ambient temperature. We can't wait to collect data on RWHP and parameters such as turbo discharge temps, charge temp with the intercooler ONLY, and then charge temperature at the throttle body when he sprays the intercooler!

A rough estimate has shown a 10 degree drop in charge temperature gains 10 HP, which equated to approximately a tenth of a second drop in E.T. ... at the drag strip.

Looks like this will be one POWERFUL V-6!!! Heh!