PROJECT Iron Horse !!!

MagnaCharged and BAD ASS!!!




Obviously a sleeper, Project "Iron Horse" uses a Magnacharger for tremendous gains in performance. You would never guess this truck would spank Mustangs and other sports cars!

Special thanks to:

RayCee and Brahmus!!!

Without their help, this project would never have seen the level it is currently at. Their patience and assistance is greatly appreciated in working with us on PROTOTYPE Magnacharger high boost pulleys and tuning!



The Magnacharger (Image taken prior to completion for clarity)

The V-Twin!

This bike MAY get one of the new Intercooled Prochargers! Soon to be released, we hope to get a BETA kit for testing purpose. Imagine the power... Stock, this engine makes approximately 88 HP. ProCharged and Intercooled, we have been told it will make 160 HP!!! No confirmation yet, but it is proposed!