Owned and built by Kenneth Paschall.

A 12-second Kenne Bell powered Supercrew!

And damn, is it nice in pristine Harley Davidson trim!

I thought the best place to start on this one is to show just how wicked this sleeper actually is. So you get a body shot, and then I will take you straight to the track!

Deathride, in all it's glory... Ready for the track!

Street trim... Subtle and sweet!


I love this 3/4 view!

Now to the track, and then to see why this thing blasts down the track in 12 seconds!

The stock 5.4 L supercharged engine!

The Kenne Bell equipped 5.4 L engine!

The view MOST see...

A necessary EVIL... But still no real clue this truck is FAST!

Disclaimer *I did not name this truck "Deathride", IT EARNED IT!* LOL!

Here's the overview...

Supercharged 2002 Harley Davidson #1363 146k miles

Here's the MODS list......

Stock 5.4 (No internal mods). 2.3 Kenne Bell w/ 3.25 pulley and 6# lower pulley.

JLP Powerflow plenum. SCT BA 2400 MAF. Metco idler bracket. C&L Intake Accufab single blade throttle body. Trick performance intercooler tank. Jabsco intercooler pump with 3/4 ID intercooler lines. Fluidine heat exchanger. 60# injectors. Dual Walbro 255 fuel pumps. Built transmission with a 2400 RPM stall speed. Stifflers long bars. JLP Comp-R exhaust. Flex a Form fiberglass leaf springs. DJM lower control arms. JDM drag springs. QA1 18 way adjustable shocks. AIS Methanol injection. 4:10 gears Trutrac locker.

15" Bogart D10s for the track.

Tuned by Randy Smith

And a laundry list of other cosmetic and interior mods... Including Corbeau racing seats and a full compliment of gauges!

Soon to be fully built!

Best time to date is a 12.08@114 on drag radials!


We did not build this truck. We were simply so impressed we wanted to show the world.