Brian's Toy

A ProCharged 5.4L 4x4 F-150

Brian was courteous enough to invite me to his home. Bringing the tech to you is an experience. And various comments Brian made along the way assured me I have only gotten better over the years, that one thing was for sure, I hadn't lost my touch. Many systems drop shipped between 2005 and 2014, however there are only a few remote installations. I did more remote installations between 1999 and 2005 than I can remember. From BEACH TO BEACH to COUNTY RURAL ROUTE HOMES in Kansas. Normally, this situation evolves after initial contact and spending months in direct contact by phone or SKYPE before a decision is made. Often DAILY we would CHAT. In this case the process to execute a remote install was the result of a cultivation of a friendship and trust after much contact, and made possible through the "Superchargers and Turbochargers" forum at .

 Just to put that into perspective, it took TWO YEARS to come to fruition with PhD5150 (Another SENIOR MEMBER who elected for the remote installation in his garage). With his own eye quality control was assured, although my WORD assures it. But in the end, PhD 5150 became a good friend and purchased his system from Trixters, flew me to California, invited me into his HOME, allowed the courtesy of using his guest room for board (With he and his loyal and beautiful wife). We shared meals, and we shared the few trips to the hardware and parts stores, completing the installation and road test procedures, highly focused and performing a professional installation and system integrity testing one day and went to a wine tasting party with his friends in Cali the next night. And guess what, remote installations by Trixters Racing LLC are often $100-1500 cheaper than most shops. And you save more if you help install it. I can guide your hand. And the road test, as Brian knows, cinches it for you.

In the event something DID go wrong, I was THERE TO ADDRESS IT. And in addition to no drivability problems, he got to basically design his own ducting. He purchased a pre-owned system for me to install. It worked out great, but we did have to reconfigure a previously modified inlet. But ProCharger overnighted us the required parts and made this installation a success. And I work well under pressure. No pun intended.

If you have not done so, please join us in the F-150 performance world. I am "Crash!" on these forums, have been a Sponsor for very nearly 15 YEARS and I currently hold a position as a technical writer, and members are also customers. Satisfied customers. Loyal customers, and repeat customers. Yes, this is a free plug to my favorite forum. To be honest, when everyone else is browsing, I am living in these forums. From beginning to end. Members and friends for life. That is what these forums are about. A COMMUNITY. And I am a founding member. Please take the time to register. Besides, member discounts apply as well!

I wanted to convey the emotion of finding a REPUTABLE shop with knowledgeable technicians. To convey TRUST. Forced induction is NO COMMODITY. This is a major purchase I have and have seen people take out a LOAN for. And installing a serious piece of hardware under the hood, along with the adrenaline of bolting on 100-175 or more RWHP in a day. And in this case, have a well certified and factory trained technician on site and performing this installation and because my hands touched it, he has a LIFETIME LABOR WARRANTY. If only the manufacturer would warrant their products for a lifetime. But with the ProCharger, we never see failures. In 15 years, we have seen IDLERS fail, reported the problem, and I had a SURPLUS of free pulleys to be overnighted no questions asked. Then the part was superseded as per my request. As are addendums to the 97-03 MANUAL. Any way there really is no failure rate once a product flaw was uncovered.

For those handful of you that have invited me into your home, thank you very much for proving my integrity and exercising trust in me. Inviting me to your home for an install, Fall 2013, was an honor. I had a blast, and really enjoyed working with you. You have ingenuity and a very good grasp on the mechanics. You are sharp. And my compliments on the accommodations, they were EXCELLENT, and being a boater was really a treat. I should have video taped the whole thing. What was I thinking. But it was cool. We worked well together. And I will never forget the excitement as the boost kicked in late that night. And it was perfect blower weather. A really nice time. Thank you.

This site is under construction. I have only process the images of the truck and completed ProCharger and gauge installation.

I created a thread, and had this file started but now was the time to put the site together. Sorry for the broken link.

Here to dispel the rumors, a TEST DRIVE on this one confirms you are going to have ZERO bottom end problems. This truck is fast. And it is a 4x4 so now we have even more current access to data and after a decade, will evaluate all current parameters to make the P and D series and 3-core intercooler as efficient as possible, but this one is a 2 core as well. So it is an underdog. Remember that as you process the results we post. And that we will be testing under condition where a positive displacement would TYPICALLY be recommended. Another project you will want to keep your eyes on.

A damn nice sleeper. But you cannot mask that whine...

A full compliment of gauges.

The standard, intimidating stance of the 4x4. People really do move when we come up on them... Notice the 2 core intercooler. We recommend the 3-core on new systems. But again, this one was pre-owned.


It really makes a nice sleeper. But is whines like the REST of us my friends. I did not even get the driving impression it was a 4x4. I could forget it was a 4x4 based on a test drive. Granted, I rode SHOTGUN. I just realized that. I ALWAYS drive them myself. But the install went so well I had no need. And this one will turn your stomach. It has balls.


My signature goes here. Oh, along with Brian's. Did I mention I will split the installation cost if you are willing to get dirty and learn how to efficiently install a fuel pump and both related circuits... RELAY 301. Green wire, yellow tracer. Think complete circuits. And you did VERY well my friend. I had VERY GOOD HELP ON THIS ONE GUYS. Anyone can do these installs. But having the experience I have, things go SO MUCH BETTER than any one system I supported by PHONE OR INTERNET when something DOES go wrong. But having done this for so long, my bag of TRIX is deep and I learned ALOT from Mark and Chris. And BRIAN.

Thanks again man. This one was a very enjoyable project and you are very good people. God speed, and best wishes to your family. Good people.