What do you get when you combine a ProCharger with an Expedition?

Black and Blown!!!

Robert Jordan's Expedition is a nice sleeper and it seriously HAULS!

The Lightning wheels don't give away the performance capabilities of this Expedition! Subtlety is the key to a perfect sleeper!

A ProCharged 5.4 L Triton powers this beast. Not so subtle when you hear it whine at idle...

Or when the  hood is up!

Aftermarket heat exchangers ALWAYS help maintain reliability, and they LOOK cool too!

Side note...

Robert is a great guy, and is one of many who have personally invited me to their home. Long Beach was the perfect setting for the installation and a vacation. We had a blast at the beach and built a friendship for life. Special thanks to those who have taken myself or Mark in...

Robert, Matt, Kurt, Fred, and all of those who have come to us... Friends for life!