Into the Abyss!

 A ProCharger equipped flareside! Black and BAD.ASS!

Notice the Crystal Eyes! And just enough chrome to compliment the truck.


a look from the pilot's seat...

Note the tinted Carbon Fiber pieces, billet pedals and full instrumentation!

A look at the seating arrangement. Corbeau is an excellent quality seat, Looks great, and provides all the support needed while keeping you in your place in the twisties!


A look at the POWERPLANT! Complete with a ProCharger, of course! 


A bullet proof engine. Equipped with a ProCharger D-1SC. A 3.40" pulley yields 15+ PSI and uses a 3-core intercooler! Tuning is in progress and we expect 450+ RWHP!

With the 5-speed, this truck is wicked!

 A loyal customer, John purchased his first ProCharger from us over 10 years ago. The system is still in operation TODAY, with NO failures. Originally equipped with a P-1SC, we have since upgraded him to the D-1SC. It really screams now!

Special thanks for flying our colors. We appreciate it!

And John bleeds Ford Blue, and it runs in the family. Here is an image of his uncle Bob's classic toy.